Friday, January 8, 2010

Old Friends and New Friends

Old friends. When I was a kid I loved Ragedy Ann and Andy. They were my best friends and I was never with one or the other. Consequently I've been through many Regedy Anns over the years. This photo shows a pair that my daughter gave me a few years ago. Until that time I had been without both for many, many years. Bear is another old friend, shown here. He has always been with me and somehow survived more years than I think you would want to know! He's missing one eye and has many scares and wounds from past adventures.

All Ragedy Ann and Andys should have "I Love You" engraved on their chests. Otherwise you can't be sure they're the real deal. (Is this sort of like a tattoo? I never thought of it that way before.)

New friends. Here is my lastest Ragedy Ann. She is handmade and came to live with me all the way from Maine as gift from my sister.

And here is Enid another new friend. I got her from Sweet Nellie. She makes all her dolls by hand using a nice combination of crochet and sewing techniques. They all have a very whimsical character about them and are truely unique.

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